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6 Powerful Health Properties of TURMERIC–the Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Compound


July 26, 2019 Updated: July 26, 2019

NOTE:  This article refers to Turmeric, but while turmeric is a perfectly safe and a wonderful spice, it isn’t as useful to your system as its prized extract, curcuminTurmeric is a plant. When most people refer to turmeric, they are referring to the spice which is made by grinding up turmeric root. … Curcumin is a compound that is found within turmeric.

Turmeric for most is likely a rarely used herb in their spice cabinet. It has little use besides adding a specific flavor to certain Indian meals and other Asian dishes.

Yet, turmeric is a very powerful herb that has been in use for over 4,000 years and possesses medicinal properties that can remedy many daily ailments, strengthen your overall health, and safeguard against future diseases. Here are six incredible ways regular turmeric intake can be the all-natural secret to greatly improve your current and future health.

1. Boosts Brain Power and Promotes Brain Health

Illustration – Shutterstock | Romanova Natali

The most important active compound in turmeric is curcumin, which in scientific trials has been shown to improve cognitive ability. Curcumin catalyzes the creation of certain brain growth hormones that facilitate the development of brain connections.

After completing a twelve-week study where lab rats were fed curcumin-intensive diets, they had significantly greater memory capacity compared to the start of the trial.

Curcumin has also been shown to decrease and possibly prevent the onset of Alzheimer‘s disease in humans via interaction with brain receptors that release hormones for combating the disease, as well as other cognitive disorders.

2. Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Turmeric has also been shown to lower the risk of depression and greatly decrease symptoms of depression when used with other anti-depressants. In a scientific trial that compared turmeric to a name-brand anti-depressant in effectiveness treating depression symptoms, turmeric was shown to have equal to greater efficacy. It also boosted the overall effectiveness when combined with anti-depressants.

This fantastic breakthrough in alternative treatment could possibly help many individuals have greater results compared to traditional solely pharmaceutical approaches.

3. Reduces Inflammation and Alleviates Arthritis Symptoms

Another incredible turmeric remedy is its phenomenal anti-inflammatory properties, which have been one of its main medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Curcumin’s active anti-inflammatory abilities have been tested in scientific studies to be better suited at reducing inflammation than many of the top pharmaceutical drugs used in treating chronic inflammation and arthritis.

Turmeric has also shown no side effects in its treatment of chronic ailments, which is incredibly uncommon when compared to most anti-inflammatory drugs. In arthritis patients specifically, turmeric significantly reduces the tenderness of joints and lowers the overall effects of the disease due to its inflammation-targeting properties.

4. Reduces Risk of Cancer

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in the study of turmeric is its link in both reducing the risk of a variety of cancers and its possible use as a treatment for certain cancers. In scientific trials, curcumin has been connected to a decrease in cancer growth and slowing the spreading of the disease to different parts of the body.

Turmeric has been shown to protect against a wide variety of cancers, including pancreatic, prostate, lung, ovarian, and lymphoma by shutting down molecular growth and inhibiting tumor development. While turmeric has yet to be specifically used widely in cancer treatment, it has been shown in multiple scientific trials to have many positive effects in decreasing the rapid spread of many aggressive forms of cancer.

In one such study, turmeric was added to the diet of men who had stomach lesions, which could potentially become cancerous, and almost half of the participants saw a decrease in lesions after daily turmeric use.

Turmeric’s preventative and therapeutic properties for cancer treatment are especially exciting because they could lead to new potential cancer treatments. Such cancer-fighting effects could also explain why many cultures that use turmeric as a traditional medication claim that it increases longevity when consumed consistently as a daily supplement.

5. Increases Digestive Health and Antioxidant Production

Connected to turmeric’s incredible anti-inflammatory effects is its ability to lessen the symptoms of certain digestive conditions while aiding in overall digestion. In regard to digestion, curcumin has been linked with both an increase in antioxidant production and an increase in bile production in the liver. Both of which are important for promoting overall digestion and reducing symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome.

Curcumin also decreases inflammation of the stomach and intestines, which facilitates digestive efficiency and can reduce symptoms of lethargy or intestinal pain from digestive inefficiency.

Chronic digestive diseases, specifically ulcerative colitis, a severe and incredibly painful digestive track disorder, has a much lower chance of remission if turmeric is included as a daily supplement.

The increase in antioxidants present in curcumin goes beyond digestive health, though, and has been shown to decrease symptoms of aging, along with lowering the chances of certain diseases by strengthening your body’s overall immune system.

The only digestive disorder turmeric has been shown to have issues treating is stomach ulcers, where it has not shown the same positive results as with other digestive problems.

6. Protects Against Heart Disease

Lastly, turmeric has been shown to enhance treatment for the number one cause of death in the United States and the entire world: heart disease. Many causes of heart attack and stroke are due to plaque buildup in major arteries. Turmeric has immense plaque-fighting properties, capable of decreasing plaque buildup in those who use turmeric daily.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Michelle Lee Photography

Arguably turmeric’s greatest weapon against heart disease is its ability to strengthen the lining of your blood vessels and lower the risk of blood clots throughout the body. Issues with blood clots and weak blood vessel linings are the two main contributors to potentially fatal heart illness.

Curcumin is also effective in lowering bad cholesterol in your body, another large contributor to poor heart health and long-term heart disease.

Turmeric’s array of health benefits is impressive. It is a fantastic, all-natural, and time-proven daily supplement that can both increase the quality of your life and extend your longevity and well-being, and that’s reason enough to dig out that rarely used spice a little or a lot more often.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

For more information on the uses and benefits of Curcumin, click here.

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