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Ayur Oil

When a person experiences pain, the body sends a chemical messenger called substance P to the brain. Through the action of capsaicin, cayenne pepper has a remarkable ability to lower substance P.  By decreasing substance P, there is less of the chemical to travel to the brain, and in turn, less pain. Capsaicin can also serve as a distraction from pain by activating a different kind of intense sensation, taking the brain’s attention away from the original source of distress.


Has been proven to significantly lower levels of inflammatory markers.


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Ayur Oil

$21.95 $10.98

“The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!” Experience the amazing soothing effects of I Love Herby’s™ Ayurvedic, Ayur Oil!   Rub some on the area of your aches and pains.  Stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscle and reduces inflammation, eases discomfort, soothes and reduces pain AND MUCH MORE!  

Curcumin (Turmeric) Powder with Black Pepper

$20.95 $10.48

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), “Curcumin combined with black pepper has shown to increase bioavailability by 2000%”

“The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!” Our Curcumin Powder with Black Pepper is great anti-Inflammatory, reduces joint pain, swelling, and fatigue.  Increases antioxidant capacity in the body, regenerates brain cells and improves cognitive function, memory, concentration and helps reduce the likelihood of and treats Alzheimer’s. IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you find this product for MUCH LESS elsewhere, you can bet your getting what you pay for! (Pure, clean, Curcumin is a costly commodity and process).

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