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Coconut Lip Butter


Why do we call it a lip butter instead of a lip balm, or chapstick? Well, lip balm generally found in stores is oily and comes off within an hour or two. Our lip butter is made with nourishing, premium cocoa butter that will stay on your lips for an extended period.

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COCONUT: Our best selling flavor – smells like a tropical vacation

We always have a lip butter in our pocket, everywhere we go! Our lip butters are packed with moisturizing cocoa butter and avocado oil. We also use a wild-crafted plant wax instead of beeswax, so our formula is entirely vegan.

Why do we call it a lip butter instead of a lip balm, or chapstick? Well, lip balm generally found in stores is oily and comes off within an hour or two. Our lip butter is made with nourishing, premium cocoa butter that will stay on your lips for an extended period (we usually find it lasts 4-8 hours on the lips). Our product feels like a rich butter and has a matte finish.

Ingredients: Candelilla wax, cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, flavor oil

Shelf life: This product is most fresh when used within 1-2 years of purchase.

.15 oz tube | lip conditioning | love the earth – please recycle or re-use your plastic tube | vegan | beeswax-free  

Up-cycle your plastic beauty containers with TerraCycle to keep them out of landfills – read more here.

Handmade in Northeast Los Angeles



Elle on Apr 23, 2019

I normally don’t write reviews. The quality of a lot of lip balms, chapsticks, even lip butters have been mediocre at best. This is my first official day using this product….I am AMAZED at it’s quality.

I was able to smell this in person. This is one of reasons I purchased it (aside from being nontoxic, of course!) It’s such a subtle pleasant tropical smell for someone like me who isn’t big into scents. I have been pleasantly surprised by the way it glides on the lips throughout the day. It isn’t a thick layer like balms or chapsticks. The matte finish is incredible. Will definitely purchase again if the ingredients stay the same.


Wonderful Lip Butter

mortega on Aug 01, 2018

This is such a beautiful and gentle lip butter. It is very mildly scented, not overly heavy feeling on the lips, and super moisturizing. It doesn’t leave lips looking overly glossy or goopy, but simply leaves a light layer over the lips that makes them look and feel incredibly soft and supple. I highly recommend using this product as a night treatment, so you wake up with soft and hydrated lips.

So good!

Christina on Jun 12, 2018

This lip butter has changed my life!

Best Lip Butter Ever!

Ava on Apr 12, 2018

I bought the Rose Petals lip balm at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market because I loved the scent and was over my Carmex that I felt was just making my lips even more dry.
This Rose Petals lip butter is a dream! Even after eating two pieces of toast & drinking a glass of water and two cups of coffee my lips still felt silky smooth. Also isn’t too greasy to layer under lipstick. I’m in love & have already told my friends and family they need a stick of this in their lives!!


So smooth

Aubrey on Apr 02, 2018

One of my favorite things about this chapstick is that it raaaarely dries up on my lips and creates that weird white line on my lips that some chapsticks do. It’s so clear that the base of this lip butter is hydrating unlike so many store brand ones


It’s so tasty that you might want to eat it!

Vika on Mar 30, 2018

This is by far my favorite lip balm now!
I bought 3 blueberry + açaí. My 3 year old baby confiscated one right away claiming that it’s “such a good smelling ice cream”:)
The texture is so silky and smooth, I want to apply it 1000 a day! And the smell is a complete paradise!
I’m very excited for my lips to have such a treat now:)



Iris on Mar 20, 2018

Prior to using this chapstick, I had been suffering from really dry lips for the last couple months. I had tried using all sorts of other brand named chapsticks and even upped my intake of water. The other chapsticks often made it worse or made my lips peel like crazy. I gave the rose scented one a try and I immediately noticed the difference! I felt my lips get the gentle hydration they needed and it did not make my lips peel! I can finally smile without worrying about cracking my lips! Hello, new world!


Best lip butter ever!!!

Melanie . on Jan 21, 2018

Love these lip butters. Try them all!!!


smooth moisturizing lip butter

Melisa L. on Dec 27, 2017

We love these lip balms! Great “flavors” and smooth texture.


It actually works

Ale on Dec 22, 2017

I had chapped lips and was applying another brand name balm all the time with no result. Used this for one or two days and relieved my lips, without having to reapply so often. Thank you 🙂


Best Lip Balm I’ve Found

Stephanie on Dec 18, 2017

Truly love this lip balm; it feels so smooth and incredibly moisturizing.

I’ve had chapped lips my entire life and have tried all the generic and name brand balm and butters and this seems to be the only lip butter that actually keeps my lips moisturized.

I’ve only had the coconut flavor – it smells incredible and reminds me of the scent of palmer’s cocoa butter.

Does not dry out my lips, one stick lasts a decent amount of time – I highly recommend this lip butter!


Love this chapstick

Sandy A. on Dec 07, 2017

I LOVE the lavender earl grey flavor! So great on the lips, keeps them moist and kissable! I recommend 100%


All lip

Paula on Nov 22, 2017

I make a habit out of purchasing useful products while traveling with lip balms being one of my go to products.

In my recent travels to LA I purchase my second Lip Butter from No Tox. The aromatic scent of Coco Rose is my all time favorite. During my many days away from home, the scent and quality of Coco Rose became a “comfort experience”.

I definitely recommend Lip Butter by No Tox and I am sure you will find comfort in whichever scent you choose.

Thank you No Too for creating Coco Rose – I will be back for more.



Emily on Nov 08, 2017

Smell great. Work great. Last a long time. Love love love! The cocorose is my favorite smell.


Review on lip butters

Angie V. on Nov 04, 2017

HI! First off, I want to share how much I love all your products, specially your awesome deodorants!!! I Bought two different lip butters – the melon one and one peppermint one last time I visited the store. The melon one was very soft and smelled delicious. I love the refreshing scent of the peppermint one, but I noticed it was too dry and hard to apply. It didn’t feel as moist as the melon one..and honestly used it less. Besides that, love your products! Thanks for valuing your customers feedback.

Thanks Angie,
We sent you a private email about replacing the one you got – it should not be dry feeling, it should be smooth and buttery, so we’ll look into why that happened.
– Sandee & Callie, owners

– No Tox Life


Must have lip butter

Amanda C. on Oct 21, 2017

I live in Vegas, so as you can imagine the dry weather is hard on my skin and lips. I also have weird allergies, so I have to be careful about what products I use. I used to use Carmex, but I’m trying to move away from using products with petroleum. I tried EOS and Honey Trap from Lush, but I had issues with both of them. Then last summer when I was visiting Downtown LA, I ran across the No Tox Life booth at Artists Fleas. I decided to try the lip butter. I was not disappointed. This lip butter is thick and moisturizing without feeling heavy. Best of all for me, it doesn’t give me a rash because there’s nothing gross hiding in it. The flavors don’t disappoint either. I have a whole stash in my medicine cabinet because I don’t want to run out and will be gifting some to my friends and family this Christmas because this stuff is too good not to share.


Package design

Miho F. on Oct 13, 2017

i love the product since it last long and smells very natural. But i liked none label design better. It’s nice to be able to see how much is left from outside. And too much white. Just my opinion


Lip Balm Addict Approved

Laurissa K. on Oct 11, 2017

This is the best lip balm I have ever used, and this is coming from someone who lists lip balm as the number one thing I would bring to a deserted island! It actually heals and protects, Not drying at all, worth every penny!


Loved everything!

sebrina s. on Oct 08, 2017

The rose balm is amazing as everyone said!! Since I switched to organic products my skin has been super picky and breaks out in rashes but I tried the oderless and it is heaven sent! Even though the scented ones tingle a bit after a shave they still dont cause a break out like any other brand name product would. Thanks for making this quality stuff!!


So Soft

Amy M. on Oct 07, 2017

Loved the soft feel and hint of Rose! Made my lips feel smooth and moist.



Olly on Sep 19, 2017

I am on an acne medication that is meant to completely dry out your skin so my lips were always chapped. I tried everything from chapstick to Burts Bees. I stumbled on this at a farmers market and the coconut lip butter is the best stuff out there. It lasts for many hours and I ended up buying it in bulk just so I would always have some on me. It really helps with my chapped lips from medication. Highly recommend!!


Can’t live without this lip butter!

Elizabeth P. on Sep 15, 2017

I seriously panicked when I couldn’t find this item on the new website. Sandee, as always is on top of customer service and responded to my query with a link to the product. I keep one in every bag and it is a must-have for any hiking I do. It has literally saved my lips from blistering after getting too much sun. I buy the plain for my husband and Dad and get the spearmint for myself.


So smooth

Yorkeny C. on Sep 14, 2017

Love the way it smoothes out my lips on really hot unmet days. Also, the scent is amazing!


Best Lip Balm

Kimberly on Sep 11, 2017

I started using this lip balm about a year ago and haven’t used another brand since. My lips feel very hydrated. I don’t get an allergic reaction like I’ve had in the past with other brands. The each scent is subtle and smells good.


Customer review

Julian on Apr 16, 2017

Just purchased the rose petals scent at a local market. It smells magical and the glide of the lip balm on the lip is unreal. I’ve never had a lip balm that made me feel like I never wanted to stop applying it on my lips. It’s that good. Will be purchasing more to give as gifts.


Customer review

Amanda on Jan 16, 2017

The texture is very smooth & it’s a perfect thickness so it lasts a long time. The Coco Rose and Rose Petals that I have both smell amazing and are unique scents – I also gave them as presents to family who all love them too. Most importantly, these don’t have any of the harsh chemicals that commercial balms do (even some that claim to be more “natural”) that cause dryness or give me a rash. Will be buying more scents to try!


Customer review

Andrea on Apr 16, 2016

This balm is a life changer. I no longer have to rely on those chapsticks that have promises of moisturizing, but fall short as soon as the product wears off or even makes my lips worse!
I used to have a difficult time wearing color lipsticks because my lips were constantly chapped, but after about 10 days of only wearing this spearmint balm, my lips are silky smooth & I can glide on lipstick no problem! It was almost a weird/surprised feeling when i first realized how smooth my lips felt!
This balm smells good & has a slightly light tint when you apply it which looks complimentary to my skin tone. I use this everyday! So happy I ordered this balm!


Customer review

Tony York on Mar 02, 2016

My wife and my daughter love this stuff! So, when I accidentally put a huge dent in the garage door I knew exactly at that moment that I needed to bring them both an ample supply of No Tox Life Lip Balm! Did I get in trouble? NO; Thanks so much No Tox Life! ..In all seriousness, I actually didn’t dent the garage. (I don’t know how it got there)

Elyse on Apr 25, 2015

I am OBSESSED with this lip balm. I ordered the coconut and the smell is amazing, it almost smells like there is some sort of vanilla in there too and I’m not complaining! Better than the smell is the wearability, I’ve noticed that if I apply it in the morning it is still there in the afternoon! It continues to moisturize and unlike other lip balms that contain petroleum (in addition to other moisture leeching chemicals), this will not dry out your lips! It also wears beautiful by itself in the place of lip gloss or lipstick for a special event or evening out; and those around you are sure to tell you that you smell wonderful!

I was also gifted the spearmint and I have all the same comments as I do about the coconut, however being mint this has a more invigorating scent. I alternate between the two depending on my mood and I enjoy that there is some zinc oxide for sun protection too!




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DescriptionWhy do we call it a lip butter instead of a lip balm, or chapstick? Well, lip balm generally found in stores is oily and comes off within an hour or two. Our lip butter is made with nourishing, premium cocoa butter that will stay on your lips for an extended period.Rich in health-boosting properties, this detoxifying herbal tea blend soothes and nourishes skin from the inside out.  Click the “The Science” tab, to unlock the science behind the healing properties of this incredible herbal blend!  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! Save More, by combining the Vroom Tin (12 tea bags) with the Vroom 1/2 lb Bulk Bag! “The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!” Experience the amazing soothing effects of I Love Herby's™ Ayurvedic, Ayur Oil!   Rub some on the area of your aches and pains.  Stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscle and reduces inflammation, eases discomfort, soothes and reduces pain AND MUCH MORE!  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!With a mighty kick of caffeine from green tea and mate, this bold blend will get you going in the morning! Click the “The Science” tab, to unlock the science behind the healing properties of this incredible herbal blend!  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! Save More, by combining the Vroom Tin (12 tea bags) with the Vroom 1/2 lb Bulk Bag!   “The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!” Our Curcumin Powder is great anti-Inflammatory, reduces joint pain, swelling, and fatigue.  Increases antioxidant capacity in the body, regenerates brain cells and improves cognitive function, memory, concentration and helps reduce the likelihood of and treats Alzheimer’s.  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Healthy Hair 2.0- The second step in our 2 part hair care program. The ingredients in this product are a unique blend of natural oils known for their wonderful effects on the hair. 

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