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“The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!”  Our Moringa Powder is the purest form of Moringa Available!  Moringa helps to assist metabolism, promotes energy levels, reduces fat build-up, supports appetite control, and elevates your mood, and much more! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

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“The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!”

I Love Herby Moringa is a completely all natural caffeine provider and all natural Energy booster. It is full of Vitamin Bs and gives you the natural energy your body needs. Moringa is considered to be a multivitamin superfood.

What makes our Moringa special is that it is honey flavored making it taste much better than any other Moringa products in the market! Our product is completely natural with no artificial flavoring or additives!! We make our Moringa available in a powder form giving it the ability to absorb quicker in the bloodstream compared to capsules.


Moringa is used for “tired blood” (anemia); arthritis and other joint pain (rheumatism); liver support; asthma; cancer; constipation; diabetes; diarrhea; epilepsy; stomach pain; stomach and intestinal ulcers; intestinal spasms; headache; heart problems; high blood pressure; kidney stones; fluid retention; thyroid disorders; and bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections; increases breast milk production; increases sex drive (as aphrodisiac); supports brain health; and more.

  • Made with high quality natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Free from inactive additives commonly used in capsules and tablet

Moringa helps to assist metabolism, promotes energy levels, reduces fat build-up, supports appetite control, and elevates your mood.

Moringa is considered to be a multivitamin super-food, and also used for

  • Anemia
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Liver support
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • Epilepsy
  • Stomach pain
  • Intestinal ulcers
  • Headache
  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney stones
  • Fluid retention
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Increased breast milk production
  • Increased sex drive (as aphrodisiac)
  • Supports brain health
  • Bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections

Ingredients:  Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) Leaf Powder, honey (clover), Medium chain triglycerides (MCT), Ginger and Erythritol

Legal Disclaimer
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.



Mix Moringa powder with any type of liquids such as Milk, Water, Smoothies, Juices, and anything else!  I Love Herby™ Moringa is easy to handle and mixes well with all types of liquids. You can even just take a spoon of the powder by itself!! Moreover, we developed our product in a way in which you can increase or decrease the dosage depending on your personal need!

Spinach, Avocado & Moringa Protein Smoothie

The Science

7 Powerful Health Benefits of Moringa Powder: The Miracle Herb

You’ll be surprised to know that this green herb which is commonly used in South Indian meals is actually a powerful superfood. The multi-purpose moringa tree is mostly found on the foothills of the Himalayas. Every part of the plant can be put to some use. The leaves, flowers and roots of the drumstick or moringa tree are all edible. The seeds are used to extract oil while the flowers can be cooked and eaten.  The most amazing thing about moringa is that every part of the tree offers great health benefits as they are full of essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Therefore, it is rightly called ‘miracle moringa’. The moringa powder is extracted from the leaves that are sun-dried, crushed and finally ground. Interestingly, the moringa leaves contain three times more iron than spinach. They are also very rich in Vitamin A. You may have never used it before, but we’re giving you seven reasons why you should be.

  1. Aids weight loss

Moringa is high in fiber which helps in keeping you full for longer. The leaves contain an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid that acts as a natural fat burner and also helps in balancing the blood sugar levels which is linked to your metabolism. It is known to reduce glucose levels in the body which also makes it good for diabetics.

  1. Gives instant energy

Moringa powder is highly nutritious and full of minerals and antioxidants. Your body gets energy from the food you eat and most of it is used for repairing the normal wear and tear of cells that occurs. Therefore, moringa powder is great to give you a sudden boost of energy. It is also rich in iron and magnesium that help in fighting tiredness and fatigue.

  1. Flushes out toxins

Moringa powder helps in the faster elimination of toxins from your body and supports your liver in doing so. It makes your body more resistant to toxins while the antioxidants help in fighting free radicals to keep your system clean.

  1. Good for skin and hair

Moringa leaves are full of Vitamin A which helps in supporting supple skin. It is also a great source of all the essential amino acids that help in the formation of keratin protein needed for longer and thicker hair. With a considerable amount of antioxidants, moringa powder also possesses anti-ageing properties.

  1. Improves digestion and gut health

Moringa powder is packed with fiber that regulates your digestive functions and relieves constipation. Moringa leaves also have a mild laxative effect. Moringa is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and may help in treating stomach ulcers and infections.

  1. Fights insomnia

Moringa contains amino acid tryptophan that is required for the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin and the sleep cycle regulating hormone melatonin. Being rich in protein, it acts as a great mood boosters by stimulating the feel good hormones in the body.

  1. Storehouse of nutrients

Moringa powder contains seven times more potassium than bananas and twice the amount of protein as in milk. Imagine that! It is rich in minerals like calcium, iron and manganese and vitamin A, E and K.


“As a healthy foodie, I pride myself in finding new ways to supplement my health and reduce/ prevent any health issues I possibly can. I’ve always heard about the benefits Moringa Powder provides but have never tried it before. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the taste, I can honestly say that incorporating it into my diet has made the biggest difference. It has also cured me of my Asthma, which is a condition I’ve been suffering with for years.”

Bernice C. – Colorado Springs, CO

“What an incredible product! I can’t believe that Moringa Powder has such a powerful effect on the body, aiding in the curing of several health issues and illnesses, such as anemia, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer and more. Trying it for the first time, it feels like I’ve gone to vegan camp! Nevertheless, this potent green powder makes me feel so good!”

Jeremy H. – Buffalo, NY

“I have been using Moringa for years now, but this is the best tasting and purest Moringa I have ever used! This is the only product I’ve ever bothered to review, and I wish I could give it 6 stars out of 5!! I feel the energy boost when I add it to my morning smoothie. This is quality Moringa. Highly recommend!!!”

Mary S. – Denver, CO

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“The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!”  Our Moringa Powder is the purest form of Moringa Available!  Moringa helps to assist metabolism, promotes energy levels, reduces fat build-up, supports appetite control, and elevates your mood, and much more! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Our lip balm is crafted to produce a smooth, never sticky application. The natural lip balm spreads easily and covers your lips with the protection from the elements they need. 

When we say fresh and natural, we mean it. We don't use any chemical stabilizers, binders or preservatives. Instead we use refrigeration to replace the chemicals often used to keep products stable. 

“The Ayurvedic  Answer to Optimal Health!” Our Fenugreek Powder™ reduces menstrual discomfort, beneficial for nursing women to promote milk flow for breastfeeding.  Improves digestive problems, cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, increases libido in men, improves exercise performance, and much more! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!Anti-Viral Skin Treatment Formula, Olive Leaf Extract Topical™ eliminates irritation by stabilizing and repairing skin tissue, while keeping the skin hydrated, relieving skin inflammation and removing pathogens. It penetrates to the third layer of skin and in the presence of blood, transforms into one of the most powerful and broad spectrum pathogen exterminator on the market. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!If you've ever danced without shoes, worked out in a gym or yoga studio barefoot, have been through an airport security check or walked the city streets in sandal weather, then you know what we're talking about. Foot filth. Yuck. Ew. Gross.
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